Indian Head Massage is ideal for any neck or shoulder tension. The massage starts on the back and neck working deeply over the muscles and pressure points that help the muscles to relax.

Moving on to the scalp, massage techniques are used which relax, stimulate and revive this area. The whole scalp is covered to encourage circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the area. The effect of this is to help stimulate hair growth and revitalize the brain. Finally, the treatment finishes with a wonderful soothing face massage, which includes pressure points and draining techniques that may help headaches and sinus problems.
This massage does not require removal of clothing

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

▪ General feeling of well being

▪ Calmness and relaxation
▪ Dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles
▪ Stimulation and improvement of circulatory and 
lymphatic systems
▪ Improvement of joint mobility
▪ Higher levels of alertness and concentration

It may also help relieve or alleviate …

▪ Tension headaches
▪ Eyestrain / eye problems
▪ Tinnitus and other ear problems
▪ Insomnia
▪ Neck and shoulder stiffness
▪ Sinusitis and congestion